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12 Stones: It’s Easy To Forget The Heart of God

I’ll go ahead and admit it. I’m forgetful. My wife, Lindsay, on the other hand, has a memory so good she should wear a ballcap that has blinking LED’s and a Wester Digital logo on it (only you computer geeks will understand this joke). It seems like she always remembers

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Authenticity in the Church

Today I want to talk to you about Authenticity in the church. For those of you who prefer old fashioned reading over videos, the text to the video is below: Authenticity In The Church This is a cry for authenticity in the church. It is a cry for honesty and authenticity

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Everything Changes

Being a pastor’s kid as a child I became very accustomed to moving around and in turn that meant becoming accustomed to change; because everything changes, especially when you’re a pastor’s kid. Change meant new schools, new friends, new church, and a new house with a new bedroom. Most of

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How To Be A Christian Returning To The Church

“We can never work with a lie but we can always work with the truth” That’s something my Dad used to tell me when I was younger. This old sage wisdom generally surfaced from its heart dwelling cavern any time the temptation to lie to myself, or others, would come

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You Are Not Worthless

So, I had an entirely different topic planned for today’s post but as I was doing my research and preparing my points, I found myself, well, stuck on this one completely unrelated thought. In all our doing, in all our building, creating, learning and fixing… People still find themselves feeling

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