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Doubts Series | Will The Church Ever Change?

  Will the church ever change is a question I find at the root of many Christians struggling to find hope and meaning in a church that often appears void of either. Doubts Series Today, I’m launching a new series that explores these doubts, along with others, that many people

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What You Do Matters

What you do matters. Taking the time to appreciate and reflect on the work of your hands is something I think we, all too often, forget to do. Whenever I finish a new project and all the dust has settled, I have this habit of staring at my finished work

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Out Of The Dark: Finding Hope In the Silence

As I sit here this morning I can’t get around the erroneous feeling that I have absolutely nothing to say. I have found myself in this situation from time-to-time. Most writers refer to this as the dreaded “writer’s block”. I suppose over time I’ve come to appreciate the process writer’s

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