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Sweet Tea and Sabbath

Sabbath… An often misunderstood word. In a large part, it’s about rest but I’m sure for many of us, our “Sabbaths” don’t feel very restful. But the rest of Sabbath is about much more than simply not working or following a list of rules. It’s about more than going to a church service.

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How To Fix The Church

Let’s talk about fixing the church. One thing I learned, years ago, from leaving and returning to the church body, is that every problem doesn’t need my opinion in order to be fixed. If I have to manipulate my will into the church, even if I believe what I’m doing

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Should Christians Be Door Mats?

Many Christians love the idea of Christianity but not the act of personal sacrifice in love to others. They like to talk about sacrifice every Sunday and celebrate the sacrifice Christ made for us. They talk about how important it is to love our neighbors and to give away the

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