Rain God Holding Us In Our Storm


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So we had a huge thunderstorm a few nights ago. I would have to say thunderstorms are one of my favorite things. I could sit and watch a thunderstorm for hours. The sound of rain falling on the roof, the claps of thunder that can be heard for miles, the flashes of lightning that design the night sky,the woosh of Little Kitty running through the dark room…



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I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. God is trying to teach me something… something about myself and something about other people. From what I’m getting so far is looks like it is all coming back to one thing… Value. I’m seeing it everywhere and in all kinds of people… people I know and people I don’t know as well. Everyone is living to feel valued… loved… accepted by someone… everyone lives hoping that somewhere out there in this thing they see as their life there is some hope, some inkling of purpose and value. People will do anything for it. Anything. Something inside of us needs to know that we were created for something and that this something …

snow and remembering god

Snow and Remembering

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Well, I’ve been asking for it all year. There have been a few times that I thought we were about to get hit but they were only false alarms. But, now… it’s happening. The snow has finally come. Now, where I live if we see a snow flake or even feel like one could form, school is canceled and everyone runs to Wal-Mart to stock up on the essentials (toilet paper and milk – I think one may be a little more essential than the other, but I’ll leave it up to you to decide which one that is:) As the years have gone by it seems like we get fewer and fewer snows. Whenever it happens it makes me …

God Loves Us Without a Lint Roller

God Still loves us even without a lint roller

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I had one of those moments a few weeks back. You know… one of those moments that God decides he is going to teach you something and you are going to realize how little you really know or how little you remember. Yeah, it was one of those moments. We have a cat so creatively named “lil kitty”, who is one of those pretty cats. Everything she does is pretty. She sits pretty, walks pretty, she is even a pretty cat!!!! To mess with her sometimes I will rub her hair toward her head… she doesn’t like that…. why I do it, I don’t know… but it is fun. I would have never considered myself a cat person but lil kitty …

christmas shoes


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  I have been saving this story for a few weeks now. I wanted to give it to you all on Christmas. This is not my story but another persons story that I have claimed as my own… it was hard not to cry when I heard it. A person in the church community I go to told us this story… it was the Sunday after I wrote the stories of Christmas post. For the sake of her identity I will refer to her as Sue. Sue got up in front of the church to tell us about what had happened. The pastor had just mentioned how Sue’s story had touched him and he wanted us all to hear it. …


The Stories of Christmas

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  I woke up this morning and was suddenly hit with the reality that November just passed under my nose… I was left wondering where it went. This made me start thinking about how fast Christmas went by last year. It seems that culture builds up to the idea of Christmas and before we know it, Christmas is over, the presents are done, and it off to the next best thing. I know last year I was left wondering the same thing I was wondering this morning at the end of December. Where did Christmas go? Now I could do the whole talk about we need to remember what Christmas is all about so we don’t forget it, but I’m …


Thanksgiving Day

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IT’S THANKSGIVING!!!! Wow… it is so hard to believe that Thanksgiving is already here… It seems like it was only last week that I was out on the lake throwing my youth group kids around on the inner-tube (this is a joy few youth pastors get to experience) 🙂 Though I have gone wake-boarding the weekend after Christmas… yeah it was cold… really cold… but it was fun. My Thanksgiving is already busier than I anticipated. I will be traveling to Kentucky to eat with my family, then back here to Cookeville to eat with my fiance’s family… (yeah I’m getting married… hooray for me!!!, me = excited) and then to eat again at another location before the day is …